Automatically redirect non-existing pages to the home page in Apache

How to configure Apache so that requests for non-existing pages are redirected to the home page.

In some occasions, you don't want people to get 404 messages when they surf to pages or folders that don't exist on your web server (anymore). For example, when you have Basic Authentication, end users only get the pop-up that requests them to authenticate when they surf to an existing page or folder. The security impact of this is that when attackers perform a brute force scan on your file server, they can easily detect whether pages and folders exist or not:


Dnscmd - Managing the Windows DNS Server

This page explains how you can script the creation of new domains in a Windows DNS server using the dnscmd utility.

For one of my projects, I needed to find a way to redirect requests from local machines to for example to a local webserver. To accomplish this, I setup a DNS server, made sure that all the local machines were using this DNS and added in this DNS server to redirect to my local server.


WMIC Output Formats

WMIC Output Formats

Obtained by executing: wmic [stuff to do] /format /?
Keyword/XSL filename to process XML results.

/FORMAT:<format specifier>
NOTE: <formatspecifier> : ((<transformname>|<transformname> : <paramstring>)[,<formatspecifier>]).
where <paramstring>:((<parametername>=<value>)[,<paramstring>]).

NOTE: <transformname> is a <key word> or an <xsl file name>.




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