How to list hidden shares remotely

When sharing Windows folders on the network, it is possible to hide the shared folder from the list of shares. This can be done by adding a $-sign to the end of a share name.
It is important to mention that this does not really hide such shares from the network. If you ask a Windows machines for a list of its shares, then it reports all shares, including those with a $-sign. It are then the clients who filter out all shares that end in a dollar-sign.

So how can you get a list of all the hidden shares on a server?
Easy: open a DOS prompt and issue the following command: net view \\test-server /all

The output will be the following:

C:\Users\Lode>net view \\test-server /all
Shared resources at \\

Share name                 Type  Used as  Comment
ADMIN$                     Disk           Remote Admin
C$                         Disk           Default share
IPC$                       IPC            Remote IPC
Temp                       Disk
The command completed successfully.


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